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Sentences in “Caso Muebles”

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Sentences in “Caso Muebles” was created by Editor
Sentences by the courts in Sweden
All sentences are legally binding,...

Severe felony judgments have been stated by the courts in Sweden for drug-trafficking from Spain to Sweden.

The cooperation between the Swedish and Spanish authorities led to many searches being carried out. The office of the husband of the mayor of Marbella was one of the properties being search, where the family of the mayor has got several companies registered.

Research has shown that the husband of the mayor and their two sons have become permanent residents in Sweden several years ago, despite the fact that they still continue having business activities in Spain. The companies they have set up in Sweden are mainly holding assets, e.g. properties in Spain. By being permanent residents in Sweden inheritance and gifts can be passed on without any taxation.


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4 months 6 days ago - 4 months 6 days ago #2 by Editor
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The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court issued an indictment on September 29 in relation to the criminal organization dedicated to trafficking marijuana and hashish to which the husband and stepson of Ángeles Muñoz supposedly belong.

In that document, as Marbella24horas has been able to learn, he asks Lars Broberg for a bail of 25 million euros to "ensure the pecuniary responsibilities that may arise from this case."

In the case of Joakim Broberg, he also requests 25 million, to which he adds 2,125,472.71 more euros, so that the total amount exceeds 27 million euros.

In addition, in relation, he summons both to an investigative statement on November 17 via videoconference from the Marbella investigative courts.

El titular del Juzgado Central de Instrucción número 6 de la Audiencia Nacional dictó el pasado 29 de septiembre un auto de procesamiento en relación a la organización criminal dedicada al tráfico de marihuana y hachís a la que supuestamente pertenecen el marido y el hijastro de Ángeles Muñoz.

En ese documento, según ha podido conocer Marbella24horas, solicita a Lars Broberg una fianza de 25 millones de euros para "asegurar las responsabilidades pecuniarias que pudieran derivarse de la presente causa".

En el caso de Joakim Broberg le solicita también 25 millones, a los que añade 2.125.472,71 euros más, por lo que la cantidad total supera los 27 millones de euros.

Además, en el auto, cita a ambos a una declaración indagatoria el próximo 17 de noviembre a través de videoconferencia desde los juzgados de instrucción de Marbella.

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The judge at the national court AN (Audiencia Nacional), Manuel García Castellón, has decided to summon the Swede Lars Gunnar Broberg, who is married to Marbella’s mayor Ángeles Muñoz, to a court hearing. Lars Gunnar Brobergs is suspected of having connections with a criminal organization that engaged in money laundering and drug trafficking.

The leader of the criminal organization is Lars Gunnar Broberg’s son Joakim. He is suspected of having been the leader of the league that transported large quantities of narcotics such as marijuana and hashish from Spain to the Nordic countries and mainly Sweden. German and Polish citizens are also included in the league.

According to the news agency Europa Press, a total of 32 people are charged. The trial will be held from November 14 to 22. Lars Gunnar Broberg has been summoned on November 17 at 10 a.m. via video conference from the court in Marbella, which is closest to home.

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