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Webcams in San Pedro - Good for whom?

2 años 1 mes antes - 2 años 1 mes antes #1 por Steven
What a joke and misuse of the taxpayers' money!

MARBELLA Town Hall has introduced three webcams in San Pedro Alcántara that will allow real-time display of the Marqués del Duero area, the Boulevard and the beach of La Salida through the municipal website. The deputy mayor of Sampedreño, Javier García, presented the initiative together with the Innovation advisor, Baldomero León, and the representative of Video Soluciones, the local company that has developed the project, Juan Antonio Ojeda, and stressed that “our principal The objective is to promote tourism because the attractions of San Pedro will be able to be visualized from any device 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thus contributing to generating wealth and progress in the municipality.”

They have really managed to come up with pure bollocks!

Does anyone really believe that the webcams in San Pedro will promote tourism and generate wealth and progress?

The whole thing becomes an even bigger joke when one can see where these "fantastic" web cams are pointed.

The only good thing with these pathetic webcams might be that they have filled the pockets of Juan Antonio Ojeda with the taxpayers' money.

How much has Marbella spent on this ridiculous project?

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