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TwentyOne01 by Valerie Jove

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TwentyOne01 by Valerie Jove Publicado por Editor

TwentyOne01 is written as a time capsule by a charismatic narrator at the beginning of the next century. Although he has composed this outline of everyday life for his own future generations, we in the past have the benefit of previewing what is coming ahead. The concepts and lifestyle depicted - occasionally in a humorous vein - all derive from present day inventions and modern social tendencies.

Is it possible to live twice as long with no diseases?
Will traditional family ties be radically transformed?
Will we eradicate the present day disparities between the haves and the have-nots?
Will we be better off without present day politics?
What can it be like to have swarms of robots among us?

Some skeptics may question whether such fundamental changes can happen so soon; others will disagree with certain aspects of these predictions. Whatever the case, go ahead and enjoy some ‘spectacular speculations'. You may find it tantalizing to first browse through the book's contents page with its colorful chapter and sub-chapter monikers.

Valerie Jove Houben and her Dutch husband live in Marbella. She is presently the head of her own Ladies Literary Circle in Marbella.

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