La corrupción es peor que la prostitución. Este último podría poner en peligro la moral de un individuo, el ex pone en peligro invariablemente la moral de todo el país.

Karl Kraus (1874-1936) Escritor y periodista austriaco

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Wind Turbines

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TOO MUCH WIND! 10 Wind Turbine Fails

From time to time, wind turbines can fail. Faulty equipment or extreme weather is often the cause of these failures.

Flaming wind turbine falls to pieces after being struck by lightning

A wind turbine burst into flames after being hit by lightning in Crowell, Texas.

Engineer Brent Havin was working on a cell tower when he saw the lightning strike happen around 11.45am CST on Friday (22 July).

"It took me a second to process what I was watching", he said.

Mr Havin filmed on his phone as the more than 150 ft structure continued to spin while on fire, throwing black smoke into the air.

Within minutes the flaming blades had disintegrated, bringing the turbine to a stop.

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