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Mandating vaccine creates civil unrest

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Mandating vaccine creates civil unrest was created by Socrates

Mr Trudeau called a snap election in mid-August, in the hope of gaining a majority government for his left-of-centre Liberal party.But his campaign has been disrupted by demonstrations against Covid-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions.

Vaccine mandates have emerged as an early wedge issue in Canada's snap federal election - called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau two years before his current mandate expires.

Announcing the election on Sunday, Mr Trudeau said the autumn vote would allow Canadians to have their say on the country's pandemic recovery.

The Liberal leader has announced his government would mandate Covid-19 vaccination for bureaucrats, transportation workers and most air and rail travellers across Canada by the end of October.

Opposition leader Erin O'Toole - the most likely party leader to unseat Mr Trudeau - has come out against the mandate, saying he supports daily testing for such Canadians instead. He's also accused the prime minister of opting for a "divisive" vaccine strategy and playing politics with the pandemic.

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