Terrazas del Rodeo

Do you want to be slim and beautiful again? I made it in two months by following this Atkinson inspired diet.

The knowledge of the problem with squatters in Spain is spreading abroad and some foreigners have already expressed that they will not go ahead with their plan to invest in a property in Spain. It's a bad strategy to try to hide and diminish the problem. Otherwise one deals with issues or it risk blowing up in one's face.

It was on 22 June 2019 when Terrazas-del-Rodeo.com took its first step out in Cyberspace. Since then we have received high ranking on important search engines and lots of new functions and material have been added.

“Emergency hospital during influenza epidemic, Camp Funston, Kansas” (NCP 001603). OHA 250: New Contributed Photographs Collection. Otis Historical Archives, National Museum of Health and Medicine.

Why it's advisable to avoid unnecessary personal contact and washing hands frequently to reduce the risk of catching the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and pass on the flu to others.

Power usually corrupts people, which make them become obsessed with power. Then they loose contact with reality and can't see when it's time to step aside.

It's positive to see how many that has signed up for a user account since the launch of www.Terrasas-del-Rodeo.com in June.

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