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R.I.P. Dr. Andreas Noack

2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #1 by Rudolf
R.I.P. Dr. Andreas Noack was created by Rudolf
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German Doctor and whistle-blower Doctor Andreas Noack better known for his work on the COVID19 Vaccine and its negative effects on human health was found dead a few days after his video explaining the harms that the vaccine causes in the body was uploaded.

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Before the pandemic, Noack focused his YouTube channel on topics related to alternative medicine and nutrition supplements. But over the past two years, he transitioned to allegations about COVID-19, including that it is part of a plot to destroy humanity.

In November 2020, he gained visibility after security officials raided his apartment in Germany. The operation happened during one of Noack’s livestreams and was broadcast to his followers, who later claimed he was being targeted for violating German lockdown rules or for supporting anti-lockdown protests.

German police told PolitiFact that the raid near Nuremberg was not aimed at Noack or related to the pandemic, and that it was carried out as part of a larger operation initiated by prosecutors in Berlin. Lead Stories reported at the time that the security officers had a warrant for Noack’s entire building and that someone in Noack’s apartment tried to resist their entry.

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