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High death rate among fully vaccinated

1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #1 by Socrates
High death rate among fully vaccinated was created by Socrates
A large proportion of those that have died of the Delta variant (Indian mutation) in England had been fully vaccinated!

Nearly two-thirds of people infected with the Delta variant, and more than half of those who have died with it, have not had a Covid vaccine at all, the latest official data suggests.

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The Delta variant, which was first identified in India, is now the dominant variant in the UK - accounting for 90% of cases.


The news presenter thought something was wrong when reading the news!

42 deaths in England confirmed with the Delta variant:
  • 23 Not vaccinated
  • 7 had their first dose more then 21 days before
  • 12 had their second dose more then 14 days before
The BBC News video is available at - BBC Just Admits 50% of Deaths Include Vaccinated People!
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