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Is Facebook trustworthy?

1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #1 by Editor
Is Facebook trustworthy? was created by Editor
It has shown on several occasions that Facebook has let publish fraudulent adverts. It looks like Facebook at the same time have developed an algorithm to "filter" opinions. This make one wounder if Facebook is trustworthy.

A whistle-blower has said that Facebook prioritize their own interest of making money on behalf of safety.

Frances Haugen, 37, who worked as a product manager on the civic integrity team at Facebook, was interviewed on Sunday by CBS.

She said the documents she leaked proved that Facebook repeatedly prioritised "growth over safety".

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"There were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook," she said.

"Facebook over and over again chose to optimise for its own interests, like making more money."


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