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The legislation regulate what building work property owners can do. It also stipulate whom one has to notify any need of urgent repair work.

The regulation of communities can be found in the law “Propiedad horizontal“ (Ley 49/1960, de 21 de julio). The law is updated by “Real Decretos” (the Government) or “Leyes” (the Parliament) that afterwards are incorporated in this law. The following text is based on the latest actualization of the law on 5 March 2019.

Property owners are allowed to modify architectural elements, facilities or services, but the one who represents the community has to be informed in advance before such work begins.

The modification of architectural elements, facilities or services are not allowed to:

  • Alter the security of the building
  • Alter its general structure
  • Alter its exterior
  • Alter its configuration
  • Alter its condition
  • Harm the rights of other property owners

El propietario de cada piso o local podrá modificar los elementos arquitectónicos, instalaciones o servicios de aquél cuando no menoscabe o altere la seguridad del edificio, su estructura general, su configuración o estado exteriores, o perjudique los derechos de otro propietario, debiendo dar cuenta de tales obras previamente a quien represente a la comunidad.

(Artículo 7.1, apartado 1, Ley 49/1960)

The Administrator has to be notified without any delay about need of urgent repairs.

En el resto del inmueble no podrá realizar alteración alguna y si advirtiere la necesidad de reparaciones urgentes deberá comunicarlo sin dilación al administrador.

(Artículo 7.1, apartado 2, Ley 49/1960)

Disclaimer: Be aware this is an interpretation of the the legislation and might not correspond with the intention of the lawmaker.



Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE)

Ley 49/1960, 21 July, sobre propiedad horizontal.

The Administrator has to:

  1. To watch over the good keeping of the community, its facilities and services, and to make relevant warnings to the property owners.
  2. Prepare in due time and submit to the Board of property owners the plan of foreseeable expenses, proposing the necessary means to meet them.
  3. Attend to the maintenance of the community, arranging the repairs and measures that are urgent, immediately reporting them to the President or, where appropriate, to the property owners.
  4. To execute the agreements adopted in the matter of works and to make the payments and to carry out the collection of community fees.
  5. Act, as the case may be, as secretary of the Board of property owners and keep the documentation of the community to be available for the property owners.
  6. All other assigned powers by the Board of property owners.

(Artículo 20, Ley 49/1960)

The owner and the occupant of the apartment or premises are not allowed to develop in it or in the rest of the property activities prohibited in the statutes, that are harmful to the property or that contravene the general provisions on annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illicit. (Artículo 7.2, apartado 2, Ley 49/1960)

The president of the community, on his own initiative or that of any of the owners or occupants, will require those who carry out the activities prohibited by this section to immediately cease them, under warning of initiating the appropriate legal actions. (Artículo 7.2, apartado 2, Ley 49/1960)

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