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Some of Europe’s most wanted criminals are long-term fugitives who have escaped capture by law enforcement for many years. Some of them could even be living relatively ordinary lives at present but have a dark, criminal past that they are desperate to hide.

By simply visiting the EU Most Wanted website today, you could provide vital information and help find a fugitive.

The European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams (ENFAST), supported by Europol, is launching the EU Most Wanted campaign 2021 today to focus on fugitives across Europe who are hiding in plain sight.

Europol needs you!

The criminals in this campaign are all wanted for serious crimes, such as murder, drug trafficking and trafficking of human beings. We are asking you to visit the EU Most Wanted website to view images of these fugitives and check if you recognise any of them. If you do, you can let us know anonymously via the website. You could be vital for helping the law enforcement to catch a long-term fugitive.

Nearly all Member States are participating in the EU Most Wanted campaign this year and there are currently 62 fugitives published on the website.


Murder is the most unjustified crime of killing of one human being by another. It is one of the most serious crimes that can be committed and many of those on the EU Most Wanted list have committed murder in the past.

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking destroys families and communities and is inescapable in modern society. It is a very lucrative business and brings in a significant proportion of all profits from organised crime. Traffickers are motivated by power and profit and the complexity of drug trafficking is constantly evolving.

Human trafficking

Human trafficking is an extremely serious crime which abuses people’s fundamental rights and dignity. Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery and criminals that engage in human trafficking exploit vulnerable people of all genders and ages.

110 fugitives arrested so far

Since the launch of the website in 2016, the annual EU Most Wanted campaigns have experienced continued success. In 2020, 16 fugitives were arrested in total and 5 of these arrests were thanks to the campaign. Along with the tips that come from the public, criminals also turn themselves in as a result of the heightened public awareness that the campaign creates. In total, 110 fugitives have been arrested since 2016, with 41 of these arrests directly linked to tips that came from the EU Most Wanted website.

Europol’s Deputy Executive Director Operations, Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, said: “At the heart of this campaign is justice for the victims. By checking the EU Most Wanted website and viewing the fugitives, you could help apprehend a long-term criminal and bring them to justice. So far, 110 fugitives have been arrested; Europol and national law enforcement authorities need your help to protect European citizens.”

Europe’s Most Wanted was initiated by the ENFAST community in January 2016 with the full support of Europol. The members of ENFAST are all specialised in locating criminals on the run who are suspected, or have been convicted, of serious crimes and are subjects of European Arrest Warrants. Collaboration across Member States is crucial when dealing with this type of cross-border crime, as some fugitives escape from country to country and repeatedly evade law enforcement authorities.

By simply visiting the EU Most Wanted website today, you could provide vital information and help find a fugitive.


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