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Plato (427 BC-347 BC) Athenian philosopher

Terrazas del Rodeo

Málaga / Marbella

Guardia Civil has detained 14 members of a well-known and dangerous criminal gang. The dismantled criminal organization was based mainly in the La Palmilla neighbourhood of Málaga, and its main distribution channels were centred in Marbella, through a Spanish businessman linked for years to drug trafficking, who has distributed drugs throughout almost all the Andalusian provinces and Madrid.

20 searches have been carried out where 2,000,000 euros, 29 vehicles - several of them were luxurious, a truck trailer - several encrypted mobile phones, two marijuana plantations inside the houses, luxury watches from well-known brands, a handgun and a large quantity of documentation related to the investigation have been intervened.

The criminals were specialized in extracting large quantities of cocaine through a cold store within the Port of Algeciras, with a particular method, consisting of changing the pallet that contained the narcotic substance by another identical and "clean" previously prepared. With this peculiar modus operandi, in April of last year, this organization introduced at least 500 kg of cocaine, part of which has already been intervened.


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