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Plato (427 BC-347 BC) Athenian philosopher

Terrazas del Rodeo


More than seven tons of hashish, carried by a tugboat, has been seized in a new hit against the international drug trafficking in Campo de Gibraltar. It was carried out in a joint operation between Polcía Nacional, Guardia Civil and the Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria). Three people were detained.

The vessel named Felsted is a tugboat that had been renovated to have a large amount, and thus be able to transport lots of drugs. This type of vessel can withstand the worst weather conditions very well and criminals have taken advantage of the "bad sea" to traffic drugs.

According to the investigators, the tugboat had been used to carry drug caches to several countries. It is known that the boat was going to be used by a high-level criminal organization that intended to traffic a large amount of hashish to the Spanish coasts. The organization had set up its logistic hub in Huelva, where legal proceedings had begun.


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