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Since most EU countries imposed flight bans or other restrictions, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, over 99% of Ryanair’s aircraft have been grounded. Ryanair is planning to return to 40% of normal flight schedules from Wed 1 July 2020, if Government restrictions on intra-EU flights will be lifted, and effective public health measures are put in place at airports.

Ryanair is planning to operate a daily flight schedule of almost 1,000 flights, restoring 90% of its pre-Covid-19 route network. They will restart flying from most of its 80 bases across Europe, but there will be fewer daily/weekly frequencies, as Ryanair works to restore some services on the widest number of routes, rather than operating high frequency services on a small number.

Face Masks and Temperature Checks

Temperature checks and face masks/coverings are the cornerstone of this healthy return to service. Passengers are encouraged to observe effective health measures, including fewer checked bags, check in online, downloading boarding pass to the passenger smart phone, as well as undergoing temperature checks at airport entry and wearing face masks/coverings at all times in the terminal and on board aircraft. Passengers should regularly wash hands and use hand sanitizers in airport terminals.

All Ryanair aircraft are fitted with HEPA air filters (similar to those used in critical hospital wards) and all aircraft interior surfaces are disinfected every night with chemicals, which are effective for over 24 hours.

On board the aircraft, face masks have to be used. Queuing for toilets will be prohibited although toilet access will be made available to individual passengers upon request. Only a limited inflight service will be offered of pre-packaged snacks and drinks. Cash will not be accepted, all onboard transactions will be cashless.

Passenger Location Cards

Ryanair will require all passengers flying in July & Aug to fill in details (at the point of check in) of how long their planned visit will be, and also their address while visiting another EU country, and this contact information will be provided to EU Governments to help them to monitor any isolation regulations they require of visitors on intra-EU flights.


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