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It's frightful that people who are so ignorant should have so much influence

Eric Arthur Blair (1903 – 1950), better known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic.

Terrazas del Rodeo

Hotel BlueBay Banus

The caretaker criticised the hard working gardener during the community meeting on 9 April 2022 and put him in a bad light. When the attendees had started to leave, then the caretaker spoke up and also blamed a website creating bad reputation for the community.

The caretaker is about to get retired. Why does he take the risk to create a bad image of himself?

The caretaker said the website is www.terrazasdelrodeo. According to the caretaker the website gives the community bad reputation, and therefore can harm the property owners when it comes to selling and/or renting their properties. He also seems to have the opinion that the community has the exclusive right to the name “Terrazas del Rodeo”.

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The name of the community is in fact “Comunidad de Propietarios Terrazas del Rodeo”, which is different from the name of the website that is linked to

A lot of material published at is based on source material, like sentences and press releases from Europol, Guardia Civil, Policía Nacional, etc.

Is it the caretaker's opinion that facts are harmful for the community?

During the community meeting, than the caretaker was criticising the hard working gardener to disappear and not being available for the community. The caretaker said that when he arrives then the gardener has put out the wheelbarrow without him knowing where the gardener happens to be.

It sounds like the caretaker usually arrives to work later than the hard working gardener.

Does the caretaker expect that the gardener should have to wait for the caretaker to arrive at work before the gardener can start to work?

Property owners have informed us that the gardener is always seen working hard, keeping up the big community garden. The gardener even have to clean the swimming pools, which he usually does in the mornings.

Furthermore, the gardener has regularly been seen working in the garden of the President of the community too. It is an unpaid duty to be the President of the community and the President has no right to use the gardener or any other worker of the community to carry out work privately for the President.

Besides this, the hard working gardener has been seen carrying out repair work for the community that one could assume should have been carried out by the caretaker too.

We have been informed that property owners find it difficult to get hold of the caretaker. On many occasions his mobile at work is out of reception and when people have got hold of him, then he frequently has been saying that he either has been in the garage or in La Campana buying paint.

It is known among property owners that the caretaker takes care of quite a few property owners private issues, like their holiday lettings.

It seams that the caretaker became even more difficult to get hold of when he begun to appear among the staff of Almod.House, at their website in 2019.

Is the caretaker's criticism of the gardener, in front of the attendees of the community meeting, in fact a projection that reflects the caretaker himself?

When it comes to the caretaker's attempt to blame to create a bad reputation of the community, then the property owners should ask themselves if the root of the problem is articles disclosing mismanagement of the community or the mismanagement itself.

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