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Terrazas del Rodeo

Terrazas del Rodeo

It's the big white potential dangerous dog (Dogo Argentino) that has attacked another dog and one of the gardeners within the community garden. The potential dangerous dog was running loose without a muzzle around the upper recreation area of the community garden.

It was the man with the rare illness of intermittent blindness that let his big white potential dangerous dog run loose without a muzzle in the community garden. The Police were called and when the policemen arrived, then the man appeared to be extremely blind. It's the same man that has been found guilty of threatening to kill other people within the community. When in court this man appeared to be so blind that he couldn't evens stand up on his own.

Potential dangerous dogs must wear muzzles and be kept on a leash of maximum 1,5 meter length in public areas. The owner must also have a license and a liability insurance. To obtain the license the owner must be physical and mentally fit and has to attend recognized training with the dog.

The dog being attacked was bleeding badly, covered in blood and had to be taken to a vet urgently. The gardener got his hand badly injured and has been unable to work for two weeks. According to the vet who treated the injured dog, the documents of “Jefe's” potential dangerous dog are fake.

The problem with potential dangerous dogs kept without muzzles and also running loose within the community has been present for years. It was brought up at a community meeting already 2017. The management of the community seems to have done nothing about this issue, besides to pin the print of the legislation in the notice board, which was handed over the administrator during the meeting.



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