Theft of electricity

Terrazas del Rodeo

The issue of theft of electricity was brought up by representatives of property owners at the latest community meeting on 13 April 2019, but it was never mentioned in the Minutes (“Acta”). Photo evidence of illegal connection was presented too. The illegal connection to one of the apartments was in place from June 2018 until it was sold and refurbished in the spring of 2021.

It seems it was first in a letter on 25 December 2020 where the Secretary-Administrator mentioned theft of electricity to the property owners, by saying that there are no theft of electricity from neither any neighbours or from the community.

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Terrazas del Rodeo

Junta de Andalucía has asked the Spanish Government to make mascarillas” mandatory outdoors again, regardless if social distancing can be kept or not. This has been requested by the Minister of Health and Family (Consejero de Salud y Familias), Jesús Aguirre (PP), during the meeting at the Interterritorial Health Council (Consejo Interterritorial de Salud).

Breaking news: The Spanish government forces people to wear “mascarillas” outdoors again!

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